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5 Types of Players that casinos love (Sky Deposit)
5 Types of Players that casinos love (Sky Deposit)

Like any other business, the casino is simply wants to make a profit. And that usually works out very well, partly because there are a number of types of players who provide the casino with tons of money. As a rule, it is not the people who visit the casino every now and then to take a gamble where the casino gets their winnings from. It’s the regular visitors who just want to take a chance, but don’t really bother to delve into things they should know. In the next part, we spotted the most prominent types of these players and we hope that you will not be one of them. Gambling can be exciting fun, but it certainly won’t be if you lose a lot of money.

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Players Who Drink Well!

Alcohol loosens players up nicely and too much alcohol makes players take risks that they might not otherwise take. They place sucker bets and when they have won money, they immediately increase the size of their stakes.

It’s not for nothing that casinos offer free drinks. The drink should ensure that players play more and preferably choose games with a high house edge, such as slots, video slots, and Keno.

The costs of these drinks are nothing compared to the profits they provide to the casinos!

Players Using All Kinds of Strategies

Almost everyone who visit New Zealand casinos and try one of the many types of casino games, do have some kind of strategy.

At the roulette table, people often have a number of lucky numbers that they bet on. In baccarat, betting alternates according to a certain pattern or one uses previous results to determine what the next betting option will be.

On slots and video slots, you will see people pressing the start button in succession and continuing to click, even when the reels are spinning.

All of which are believed to affect the outcome of the game. 

Something that unfortunately will not be the case. There are only a few casino games where one can actually play according to a certain strategy, namely blackjack and video poker. In these games it is possible to lower the house edge, provided one always plays according to the same strategy.

With video poker, you also have to choose the right video poker game. In all other games, using a strategy might be a lot of fun and offer some guidance, but it is not effective.

Players Who Don’t Consider the House Edge

The house edge is the casino’s guarantee that money will always be made in the long run.

The house edge is different for every game and every bet you make and is shown as a percentage.

Online video slots, slots, Keno, but also roulette are games with a very high house edge.

With slots, the house edge at land-based casinos can be up to 30%. At online casinos, the house edge for slots and video slots is between 2% and 10%.

Keno has a house edge of around 30% and depending on the variant. The house edge in roulette is between 2.5% and 6%.

Players Who Always Love to Pamper Themselves!

Casinos keep a close eye on their visitors and how often they visit the NZ best casino. A regular at a casino often gets a little more pampered. For example, if all tables are occupied, the hall manager opens an additional table specifically for the player. Those who play regularly at New Zealand online casino often receive higher bonuses and extra spins. The casino will do everything to give more pampering to the players who visit the casino regularly (and usually lose)!

Players Who Fall for the Gambler’s Fallacy

Casinos like players who assume that past results are somehow related to future results!

If you always bet on ten different numbers on the roulette table, then in theory you stand a good chance that one of those numbers will be the winning number at some point. However, there is no solid guarantee on this!

Thus, you may have to wait ten, twenty or even thirty rounds of play before one of the ten chosen numbers finally appears as the winning number.

The gambling fallacy involves players believing that a certain outcome is more or less guaranteed.

This is unfortunately not always the case!

All casino game results are completely random and cannot be predicted based on any prior data!

Those who fall in love with the gambler’s fallacy play longer as there are certain expectations about the game’s result. Unfortunately, this expectation is completely unrealistic. So, they end up losing much more money than winning.


Casinos are companies that want to make a profit. A large group makes this very easy by ridiculous spending, placing high bets on unprofitable games, drinking alcohol, and thinking that past results say something about future results. If you are planning to visit the casino soon, don’t be fooled by these things. Everything in the casino is completely unpredictable and all you can do is hope that luck is on your side.

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