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Casino protection? It is safe to say that New Zealand online casinos cannot have a good reputation without offering a high level of protection to their clients. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear about a scam that has occurred on an online casino or a bookmaker. However, casinos and betting sites are increasingly strengthening their protection systems to avoid the risks of hacking. For example, a single minute of IT downtime for a business could cost $8,000. Knowing that a DDoS attack lasts 86 minutes on average, the total cost could exceed $688,000! Certainly no company can afford such a heavy loss.

Casino Protection Measures (Sky Deposit)
Casino Protection Measures (Sky Deposit)

Every game company that respects itself and its customers relies on an complete and tailored protection program to fully protect itself and its players from hackers, snoopers and thieves. Online casinos claim to be the safest site at the moment, but is that really the case? Can we really feel safe? This is what we will discover on this page.

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Playersโ€™ Data Protection

If the physical casino protection of users is rarely compromised, the protection of their data is often at risk. In fact, the EU and the USA have stipulated to limit the collection of users’ personal data on Internet sites and apps. However, since May 2018, some platforms continue to use them.

In order to comply with these new directives and to protect players’ personal. And banking data, New Zealand casinos have started using specialized software. We often find 128 bit or 256 bit SSL software. These make it possible to encrypt the data collected on the platform in order to prevent any hacking attempt. This type of software undergoes regular audits.

An RNG Algorithm to Ensure Game Fairness

The second concern that one might have when visiting an online gambling site is the fairness of the games. Indeed, it happened that some platforms used rigged algorithms that never allowed players to win. However, you can rest assured that all the casinos we recommend to you on our platform are based on the RNG algorithm that delivers random results with every new spin/ round you bet on. The existence of this type of algorithm is also conditional on obtaining most game licenses. In addition, there are independent bodies that monitor the results of casino hosted games such as eCOGRA and iTestLabs.

As with SSL software, RNG algorithms are audited by independent companies. These are therefore algorithms that allow players to ensure the fairness of games. 

The Protection of Casino Transactions

Of course, it is the protection of their bank details that most often worries Internet users. As NZ casinos most often offer to play in real money, it is therefore normal to wonder if the transactions are secure. 

You should already know that SSL software, in addition to encrypting personal data, also encrypts bank data. In addition, sensitive data is most often kept by the casino on a secure external server. Access is therefore restricted and the casino protections there are more effective than on the regular site, avoiding potential hacking. 

Firms may also outsourcing another party to conduct payments. Outsourcing these processes is an asset insofar as companies are specialized in internet banking transactions, the risk of scam therefore becomes minimal.

How to Protect Yourself While Playing in a Casino?

Therefore, the casino protection systems used in online casinos, when they exist, are very effective against frauds. However, full reliance on this type can sometimes be insufficient. Thus, some sites, such as Sky Deposit, offer a selection of reputed online casinos, but in parallel, many protective behaviors can be adopted.

For example, instead of entering bank data directly into the casino, it would be better to use a web wallet. This avoids you having to enter data which is sensitive and at the same time you will be able to make deposits/ withdrawals easily. As NZD$ casinos are the safest.

Furthermore, it is also possible to use a VPN that allows the user to surf the Internet without revealing your ID. In addition, hacking on this type of network is almost non existent as users have to identify themselves before connecting to them. So hackers cannot connect to the protected network, which allows users to visit any type of website.

Casino Protection: History & Background

In the early days of the online gambling industry, casino protection was not a major concern for either side; Not for casinos, nor for players. The same applies for internet dependent industries for the simple reason that protection challenges were not yet born! In addition, the number of Internet users (casual, recurring) was small. 

Over the following years, the Internet transitioned from a wild west mentality, to a serious and authentic medium. Although it is still “default” it includes laws, rules, structures, and standards. So, casinos have gone from unregulated entities to credible global companies that focus heavily on providing players with a safe gambling environment. Fortunately, there are a lot of factors that ensure that you can enjoy a gaming experience that is free from casino protection issues.

Online Casino Protection Factors

When playing at online casinos the player (may) face two types of potential risks. The first is the risks arising from the interference of unauthorized third parties including spying on sensitive data or attempting to hack their account. The second type is the risks of subscribing to an unfair casino. You can be sure that the casino is free of these risks by checking the license it holds, and the RNG that the casino uses.

Testing Bodies

A self respecting casino must obtain a license from a highly credible iGaming agencies among the online community of players.

Although New Zealand does not have a commission to monitor and license online casinos, Malta, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Curaรงao Gaming Control Board are four of the safest licensing bodies.

Although each committee has its own approach to reviewing and testing gambling sites, they work closely and are not separate. For example, all sites that hold the license of the Malta Gaming Commission are on the UKGC’s whitelist. Besides legal licence, online casinos may also hold a valid license from a testing agency like eCOGRA or iTest Labs. These casinos are likely to be more safe than those that are poorly regulated or that operate without a license.

Use of RNGs

RNGs are the backbone of any safe and fair casino. Although it is a complex algorithm, we can simplify it for you as a completely fair, random and impartial tool for producing the results of casino games like:

Without this element you will not be able to know if the casino is fair or not. When playing any of these games you will see graphics of cards and reels, but no actual gambling cards or reels. The RNG component is responsible for the gamesโ€™ results that ensures that a card draw or slot spin is not subject to interference from any party. Fair casinos also provide accurate info about their RNG, and the overall payout ratios for each game. Furthermore, the gaming companies also employ independent bodies to test and verify RTP ratios which should be readily on the casino website. Some of the fairest RNG casino games with highest payout ratios are:

  • Safari Riches
  • Mad Max Fury Road
  • Greedy dragon
  • Stampede
  • The Hive 
  • Buffalo Blitz
  • Wild Riches
  • Mega Fire Blaze
  • Safari Sam
  • Return to Paris
  • Wild Drops
  • Kings of Crystals
  • Pirates Booty
  • Volcano Rising
  • Tweety Birds
  • Ultra Seven
  • Book of Heroes

If you are not into RNG, you can go for the live games that are streamed from real casinos. In these games, the dealer uses real cards and playing cards just like land based casinos. Some of the top live games that you can enjoy at this casino are:

New Zealand Casinos: If Hacked Whose Responsibility?

The history of online casinos has already been plagued by scandals involving lax or insecurity. There are a lot of reasons for these casino protection problems such as:

  • Disclosure of private info
  • Rigged games

In general, the importance of choosing a safe online casino depends on its course, reputation.

Protecting Players’ Balances

Protecting player credits is another standard that review sites often overlook when addressing the safety and protection standard of gambling sites. After all, it’s your money on the line – and it’s not just about the money you deposit. Although we are playing for fun, it is really unfortunate that your hope for the jackpot, however slight, was spoiled. So, ensuring good online casino protection is a smart way to protect your winnings. Gambling should be fun, but there’s no reason why you can’t win money either. Protecting yourself by choosing a safe casino initially is more than just a good idea; It is essential to the safety of your money, ID and the protection of your payment methods.

The Most Common Types of Cyber attacks in Casinos

Like any other online business, online casinos and bookmakers can also become victims of various types of cyber attacks. This does not mean that gambling sites are themselves fraudulent or involved in the scam, it simply means that they are a target for hackers. There are really no rules that can determine what becomes a goal and what does not become a goal.

For example, hackers can target a small casino or one of the big names whose ads appear in British sports pitches. The question that arises here is: Why do hackers target casinos in the first place? The answer is: Money!

In the iGaming industry, there are daily transactions with a huge sum of money that are made in these websites. Furthermore, online casinos and sports betting sites also contain a lot of personal info and financial data that hackers can steal to sell to marketing companies or other third parties. 

Since there are many types of attacks and they come from anywhere, it is important to know the different types of attacks:

DDOS attacks

DDOS is a term for distributed denial of service and is one of the oldest cyber attacks ever. However, this does not mean that we should ignore the old school. To illustrate this point, imagine your business as a fortress.

If the news is full of high sounding names having suffered DDoS attacks, from the BBC to casinos. Beyond the headlines, it is above all the extent of the phenomenon that worries. Thus, according to the latest info revealed in the press, no less than 7,000 DDoS attacks are launched daily. Given the lack of a clear relation between the victims, it is impossible to predict who is next.

In DDOS attacks, the user turns to a network of computers to access the site at the same time. Since the capacity of the site’s servers is limited, these requests create a high pressure on the servers, which leads to confusion and slowing down the site.

Port Scanning

Another attack method as old as the Internet itself is Port Scanning. Ports are slots that different services running on a server use to send and receive data. Opening some of these ports is important for the site to work normally, but it is best to keep other ports closed. If the admin does not change it. This is called “root access” which allows them to take full control of the site. And ransack the servers for data they wish to steal to use or then sell for nefarious purposes.


Now we get to the most advanced attacks that use high techs. This attack is a nightmare for every casino protection official. Therefore, you should not underestimate them. In fact, many large firms have been victims of these programs in the past. For example, in March 2020, a ransomware attack disrupted SBTech’s platform for an entire week. According to company data, this attack cost them more than $30 million.

The ransomware method is simple as the attacker encrypts the servers by any means. Once this step is successful, it places new locks and charges you to take them off again. Upon payment it asks for the ransom in crypto.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is the most dangerous type of attack ever since it targets the human factor. In this method, the attacker impersonates the president or an influential person in the firm to persuade people to reveal passwords or send money transfers to him.

Phishing & Spoofing

Although it seems like a funny method to you, it is applied with intricate methods to convince the victims. The process begins when a hacker picks up the email of members of the firm. Then, this intruder sends dozens of emails to members of the firm that look as if they come from a trusted source.

For example, a casino player might receive a message that looks as if it comes from the casino. When he clicks on the link they will find an interface that is exactly the same as the casino’s, which prompts them to enter their confidential info on a fake site. So, the fraudster can steal their financial info.

Where Do Safety Threats Come From?

In one sentence – from everywhere. The Internet is a global network that knows no borders. So anyone anywhere can attack your site. The only motive behind these attacks is profit. The fraudster gets profit by either stealing sensitive user data and selling it to another party who will use it to commit other crimes. Certainly, another type of ID that harms players’ data is the lack of compliance with rules, loose protection measures. And denying appropriate support to players who are prone to gambling addiction. As part of the licensing process, casinos must follow data protection and privacy rules. However, it is very important for both casinos and players to always keep safety and protection in mind.

5 Protection Features Online Casinos Should Use To Protect Their Clients

To protect both themselves and players, casinos use an integrated strategy to reduce the chance of cyber attacks, data leaks. And other unwanted protection events that may cause harm to players and the company, and above all damage their reputation. The casino protection strategy is based on the following standards:

Use Safe Tech

One of the best proven ways to protect their servers. And players is for the casino to use integrated protection tech. Although hackers are always adjusting and improving their strategies, companies should also improve their protection systems. Cloudflare is one of the most popular services that websites can rely on to prevent DDOS attacks. CAPTCHA methods can also be used to reduce the risk of spam. 

Employee training

When it comes to social engineering and phishing attacks, nothing beats competent casino staff. The casino employee acts as the first line of defense between the firm. And the hacker, which helps in the speedy detection of the error, the speed of its treatment, and above all, prevention.

Keep all software updated

Although it may seem silly, regular updates of all the software used is of paramount importance to provide a safe gaming experience for all players. Often, attackers rely on frailties that may exist in old versions of software. So, updates are very important to avoid these errors. Essential protection software includes of any online casino or bookmaker must include:

  • SSL
  • TSL
  • Firewalls
Perform a penetration test

This option is a bit expensive and drastic, but it’s safer than regret. In penetration testing, the casino pays a cyber protection company to perform a full protection test.

The company then proceeds to ‘simulate’ a cyber attack using the same techniques as the real attack. Then, they present their findings and the client can then patch the security.

Important Keys to Look For In a Safe Online Casino

  • Only play at licensed casinos
  • Read playersโ€™ reviews about the casino on AskGambler
  • The casino must offer games from top notch studios
  • Test the casino customer care before playing at the casino
  • Read reviews about the casinos
  • Ensure the games are safe with updated software

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