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To lose. In your mouth, it’s bitter, in your eyes the sparks go out. You lost. Moreover, Maybe all lost. You don’t understand and you stand there haggard in front of your computer, maybe your hand caresses the wood of a gaming table. You went all the way, to the end with the gambler’s hall in mind, his heady, intoxicating requiem, the “I’m going to do it again”. However, you had it as your lucky charm, you were in good shape, you were prepared, you had your strategy, you were the tip of the sword, the sting of the bee… And you end up there, poor you, with regrets in your pockets, remorse like pebbles in your shoes.

Losing at the casino or lose to
Losing at the casino or lose to online sites

You went too far blackjack then you dove and it was probably beautiful down there and we never saw you again. Damn, you wanted to do this casino, rob the bank, crush the croupier and pay your rounds. You saw it written this story of the proud winner who passed through the cellar to meet the stars. You don’t even find yourself โ€œproudโ€, let alone โ€œwinningโ€ … You’re just a loser. It’s painful, also it hurts! Your little ego is hurting and your bank account is dying? Do you want comfort, a little hug, to be told that it doesn’t matter, that it happens, that you will recover? Don’t count on it. You want to be part of the circle of players, of this nobility in the shadows who recognize themselves in the blink of an eye? So lift your head and read this article!

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The Average Player

The online or real casino, the circles, the games even without money define you much more than you think. There are small earners who win small and lose small. They are occasional players who play without having faith. Average players pass the time and often they watch the others play. They see the precipice, they conceive the fall, they smell it and they envy us. With them, the survival instinct is predominant. Also, they are the vultures and wait, the fall. You know it wellโ€ฆ When everyone gathers around a table to see the player who massacres the bank, they come to see blood and tears… And when you are going to play quits or double the winnings of your night on a black or a red, they are just waiting for you to fall.

You are only the tightrope walker on this thread and it’s so human to wait for your fall? You are in the biggest part of the players. They play for fun. Also, they have the natural intelligence of those who instinctively know where the lines are not to cross. They are not the ones who lose everything, but on the other hand, they can be the ones who win big. These are the people in the middle, far from the edges, for whom life is a highway. Average players play like that. Those can play big if they can afford to lose. They will never get boarded on a hand in poker, never handcuffed to a slot machine. So, they are on the side of never rather than always. This is the ideal clientele of casinos. They make the number without making waves.

The Rational Player 

You have the player who rationalizes the irrational. He loves the game. He’s like a stuntman or a NASA engineer who is going to send astronauts into the ether.

They love the sensations, the void attracts them, the fall is a possibility so they prepare for it. They will learn poker, blackjack, mathematical laws, statistics, and series. The game will make them better. However, they will rationalize everything except obviously the fact of โ€œplayingโ€.

They will therefore end up playing without really understanding the most important thing: the link they have with this little spinning ball. With these cards and the softness of a rug. In addition, these players forget that all the calculations in the world, all the theories are ultimately only charms when you dance with Lady Luck. They will never tilt, but worse, they will follow through with their theories. That is to say, it is knowing that they are going to put the noose around their necks. See also a page on NZD brands here.

The Magnificent Loser

You have a player like you. The atypical profile that likes the game for the feeling. Magnificent Loser says he plays to win and he will say he has won tens of thousands of euros. He is an inveterate liar. He lies to others and he lies to himself. However, the truth that he is silent is that he is playing to lose. What drives it is the pleasure of falling, it’s abandonment, it’s the feeling of no longer having a thread… Have you seen Big Blue? Well, it’s the same thing.

The player doesn’t want to come back up. The concern of the fall is that the landing is violent. You are not like that? So, why do you systematically replay your winnings? If you love to win, why risk losing your winnings? We can love this school, between German romanticism and the cursed French. The gambler’s spleen is not far from that of the poet, from Werther to Meaulnes, via Baudelaire, there is undoubtedly a place for a casino player because he can’t win.

Know How to Lose at the Casino

It makes more sense to lose than to win. Why tilt when you lose when you should do it while winning! You have to be logical. If you can win ten million by putting a coin in a slot machine, you have very little chance of winning. So, why do people literally freak out when they lose? Whether it’s the poker player, the slot machine high roller or the table game player, the key moment is the moment when he switches to tilt. At the time where you go ball in the head with “I’m going to redo myself”. It has to stop. We never recover and what is lost is lost forever.

You see it’s like people who come proudly saying “I saved 50 euros on this sweater, I paid 40 euros on sale”. The guy didn’t save anything, he spent 40 euros. If you lose 100, you regain 200, you will always have lost 100. You also have to do like the surfers: read the wave, find its frequency. On a bad day go home, also don’t beat yourself up. The game is not your blanket, it is not your friend. If you have no morals, it is not to him that you should confide. Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t flirt at the table. Respect the game and learn from your losses.

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